About OnTrack

Every person in Washington County is prepared to thrive in a 21st century workforce, producing self-reliant and engaged individuals who strengthen our local economy and community.

Align public, private and non-profit resources and opportunities from cradle to career, empowering individuals to maximize their potential through educational and vocational endeavors.

About OnTrack
OnTrack Washington County serves as the backbone organization for a countywide education initiative, consisting of 54 and growing Active Partners, aimed at improving educational and workforce outcomes from cradle to career.  OnTrack is part of StriveTogether, a national movement with a clear purpose: helping every child succeed in school and in life from cradle to career, regardless of race, ethnicity, zip code, or circumstance.  OnTrack's primary role is growing and convening the partners across three distinct Collaborative Action Networks on the cradle to career continuum: Early Childhood, School Age Youth, and Workforce and Career Readiness, in a concerted effort to close disparity gaps and improve outcomes for children of color and children living in poverty.

OnTrack recognizes the challenges these kids face are bigger than any one organization or institution can address alone.  We know we can achieve more as a community and have a greater impact on the long term health and wellness of Washington County by working together with organizations, agencies, leaders, industries and families to make smarter decisions with our local data so that every child achieves better in school and life.  We are better together and can accomplish more, moving the needle more effectively and efficiently, through strategic partnerships and collaborations.  Identifying opportunities to decrease duplication of efforts and better utilization and leveraging of existing and new resources, allows the partnership to tackle barriers and inequities in strategic and purposeful ways to impact change one student or neighborhood at time.  OnTrack's backbone support is largely behind the scenes work that serves as a catalyst for achieving this community level progress.
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Top Priorities 

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Cradle to Career Report

Cradle to Career partners identified outcomes to tackle first when striving to give our kids a better chance to thrive.
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